We're sure you have questions! Below, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked topics. 

If you still have any questions beyond this, please feel free to reach out to the church office and we will get you in contact with the Campaign Chair, Bill Gaideski.

  • This capital campaign provides us with an opportunity to challenge one another to prayerfully

    consider our individual involvement in the campaign to lower our debt and our personal commitments to the Lord. While finances committed will enable us to pay down the debt on our facility, our ultimate vision is to become fully committed disciples in all areas of life.

  • While it is our prayer that the Lord will use this emphasis to provide resources for the facility, the capital campaign is a time of teaching that God owns everything - our time, talents, treasures. We are simply managers. When we understand that, the rest takes care of itself. Our goal is that, through stewardship teaching, each of us will surrender everything to Jesus Christ.

  • Our ultimate goal is to become debt free, but in this season we have set a faith goal of $1,000,000 of increased giving over the next three years.

  • Definitely. That which we keep for ourselves can be lost, but that which we willingly give away can never be lost. The gifts you give for the purpose of expanding God's Kingdom here will flourish and bear fruit as God adds His blessing to your faithfulness.

  • No. After asking God for guidance in the decision, each person will decide his/her individual commitment. The goal is not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.

  • Every family is being asked to pray about its commitment. No one will be pressured. No individual commitments will be published. We want everyone to pray about what they believe God would want to do through them. If God owns everything and we are simply managers, then we believe that God will provide everything we need to effectively do His work as we are obedient to Him.

  • Yes, you may. We strongly urge that you involve your children in some way, either by individual commitment or by their participation in the family giving.

  • Only you and the Lord can decide how much you can give. This program has been designed so that everyone can give something, no matter what the size. Our goal is equal sacrifice, not equal gifts. If each one does as God directs, then victory is assured.

  • We strongly encourage you to make your commitment "over and above" any other giving to our church. The ministries and missions that we currently support still need to be funded. We ask that you not transfer current giving to the Capital Campaign.

  • Making a commitment that you know for certain is unrealistic might be detrimental to you and to the church. However, sometimes things that seem beyond reach are actually closer than they appear! Priorities may need to be rearranged in order to participate at a sacrificial level.

  • Yes, there are three general categories under which you can make your commitment:

    1. Immediate gifts from accumulated cash.
    2. Regular weekly or monthly gifts of a specified amount over the next three years.
    3. Non-cash assets such as property, stocks, bonds, etc.
  • Yes. There may be tremendous tax advantages to giving assets other than cash. One of the members of our committee will be happy to discuss this with you, or you may choose to consult with your personal tax advisor.

  • Until the campaign is complete, we will not know what revisions (if any) need to be made to the debt reduction. For this reason we ask that you not limit your gift by designating it to an area or purpose that is not part of the present plan.

  • Most commitments will be made on Commitment Sunday, during our church services; however, leaders will have the opportunity to make their commitments at an earlier time.

  • Your financial commitment will be placed in a sealed envelope so that the confidentiality of your commitment can be maintained.

  • The total amount of the commitments will be used to forecast future income and to establish a realistic budget and a timetable.

  • We assume that if you make a commitment in good faith, relying upon God to help you meet it, you will complete it without any further contact from church leaders. However, there are some very practical reasons for having names on commitments:

    1. Confusion. Sometimes there may be confusion when interpreting a Commitment Card. Having a name allows the person tabulating the commitments to get the issue clarified before reporting totals to the congregation.
    2. People Forget. Over the course of a three-year timeframe, it is not unusual for a few people to lose or misplace the personal copy of their commitment. Without names, it is impossible to provide a reminder to anyone even at their own request.
    3. Pledge Validation. The church needs to know that the pledge is valid. Strange as it might seem, there have been known instances where a well-meaning teenager mistakenly completed a large pledge with dire consequences to the church campaign. Without names, you have no way of knowing whether the pledge has validity.
  • Your sealed Commitment Card will be received and opened by Bill Gaideski (the Campaign General Chair). A total dollar amount of all commitments will be reported to the congregation.

  • Absolutely not! Your commitment is a private matter between you and God. We will not make these commitments a matter of public knowledge in any way, shape, or form.

  • We will most certainly not take any action to collect on a voluntary financial commitment. Our purpose in this Campaign is to pay down the debt on these facilities so that we can continue to make forward progress in accomplishing the mission of our church. We are simply asking that you pray and seek God's guidance as to what He would have you commit to Him. We have provided Commitment Cards for us to plan wisely.

  • We anticipate giving toward commitments to begin on Celebration Sunday, May 5th, 2024. Of course we recognize that not everyone receives a weekly paycheck. Therefore, you may begin honoring your commitment based upon the timing that you designate on your Commitment Card and according to your income schedule.

  • Certainly, since this is a commitment between you and the Lord, you have an opportunity to revise your commitment. It would be helpful if changes could be communicated in a written manner so church leadership can revise their projections.